Terms and Condition

The journey of Kilkari International Play School Began in the year 1985. A spacious colourful school with a scientifically planned curriculum opened eyes of the parants to a new way for pre-school education. Today Kilkari Play School is there in all major towns of India.Terms and Condition as Follows:-

1- Kilkari International Play School is the part of ANKITAM EDUCATIONAL & Other solution Pvt. Ltd.
2- Kilkari International Play School is to be Registered Trademark; No one can use this name without permission.
3- No one cannot use Logo of Kilkari International Play School or similar colors used in the logo and the brand name “KILKARI INTERNATIONAL PLAY SCHOOL in other business activities without Us Permission in their whole life.
4- No one is not authorized to issue progress card/certificate to any students.
5- Theoretical and practical activity, skill training to student admitted for the KIPS as per norms condition & syllabus and course prescribed by Us.
6- No one shall be responsible to take approval/Reorganization from local authority/Govt.
7- No one not allowed changing location without Permission.
9- No one cannot do any activity in the Kilkari International Play School without Us Permission. 10- All Picture/images on website is property of Kilkari International Play SChool, no one can use without permission.