For small children, Playschool is all about having Fun and acquiring social skills — not achieving academic Milestones. We do not give any stress on performance; we focus on the sensory-motor development and the social development of a kid.

Sensory-Mortar Development of kid

Kilkari provides a very cheerful and colorful environment for the children, which pave the way for their joyful learning and development. Our school converts every day into wonderful learning experiences for the children, by infusing love and care into all the aspects of learning. Kilkari makes sure that the children are given immense happiness complete freedom and required encouragement & guidance so that their young minds grow and blossom in the fun environment of the play school. Research has shown that early years learning plays a crucial role in the development of the intellect, self-esteem, and self-confidence. We have written our curriculum, designed our facilities and trained our facilitators according to these findings. Empowering children at their own pace has been the ‘one thought’ behind the designing of our curriculum.


Responsible Teachers

The ideal is one teacher for every 15 students, as a teacher can only give proper attention to these many children. Our school provides the same. Our schools provide friendly environment. The staff and teachers are welcoming and easy to approach, for children as well as parents. Our teachers focus on fulfilling all the requirements that are needed for the physical, mental and emotional development of a child. Our motive is to build a strong base for the society, and this is only possible by making our roots strong. We take the responsibility to impart the best education and manners to develop the character of a child from his/ her early childhood. So that he/she becomes a responsible citizen of the country.


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