best play school in north goa

best play school in north goa

best play school in north goa

Kilkari international play school  is the best play school in north goa. play school in north goa is a place where around 10- 20 children spend 1-2 hours each day under the supervision of a couple of teachers. "The supervisor-child ratio always ideally around 1:10" 

                                                   Kilkari international play schools in north goa have a lot to offer, and that the play school in north goa should not be aimed at developing academic skills like reading and writing. There should be no set goals or any stress on performance; the focus should be on the sensory-motor development and the social development of the child.

                                 Features of Play school in  north goa A good head start for learning Teaching in a fun filled way play method Putting children on a path of lifelong learning Higher development in language and mathematical skills A great opportunity to develop social skills. Exposure to enhance communication skills. 

Basic essential facilities provided by a preschool 

  • A neat and hygienic environment.
  • Trained soft speaking teachers
  • Semi-skilled helpers
  • Colorful classrooms.
  • Plenty of toys bicycles and block
  • building games
  • Semi-skilled helpers
  • A rest corner in the classroom
  • Drawing black or green boards
  • Flash cards to identify letters, animals, vegetables and colors.

 kilkari international play school in north goa that use the Montessori education focus on encouraging children to learn through “meaningful play.” According to the book,

 “Meaningful play” has five characteristics. It:

  • Gives the child a choice about what he or she wants to do
  • Feels fun and enjoyable for the child
  • Evolves spontaneously, rather than giving kids a script to follow
  • Is driven by intrinsic motivation about what the child wants to do
  • Creates a risk-free environment where kids can experiment and try new ideas.

In meaningful play, children are active participants. For example, instead of passively taking in a lesson, children take on roles alongside their peers and respond to the other children according to the rules of play that they’ve created.



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About Kilkari

The journey of Kilkari International Play School (Neoteric Institute of Child Care Education Formally RGVP) Began in the year 1985. A spacious colourful school with a scientifically planned curriculum opened eyes of the parants to a new way for pre-school education. Today Kilkari Play School is there in all major towns of India. Kilkari provides the highest standards of Early childhood Education. We understand Early Childhood Education, we have listened to parants, teachers and children while developing our programs1 Research has shown that early years learning plays a crucial role in the development of the intellect, self-esteem and self-confidence.

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